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We have a huge range of log cabins for sale across Greece. We offer a comprehensive bespoke service including twin-skin options, double glazing,wall roof & floor insulation and separate rooms within our log cabins. Modification is available of all our  designs or create a new cabin from scratch to meet our customer’s needs.Priding ourselves on sourcing the very best designs, we give our customers unrivaled service. Our log cabins are always sourced from Nordic certified sustainable timber suppliers, as the environment is important to us. We have highly trained staff with years of experience, in installation.

We also have a huge range of paints,varnishes,tools,power tools,sanitary ware and home decoration accessories. Here, you’ll find helpful information about our products and services, along with great tips and ideas for all your home projects.Completing our range we proudly feauture some of our best suppliers… BENJAMIN MOORE paints,COLSAM paints, EPIC decoration,SAYERLACK varnishes,VECHRO paints,NEOTEX epoxy systems & insulation,THRAKON Decor Microcement systems.STANLEY tools & power tools,3M products,4HOME DECOR doors & cabinets,BEST design home accessories.

We proudly offer an over 50000 colour tinting system and colour visualises.


    ΕΡΓΑΛΕΙΑ   –   Ειδή κιγκαλερίας

    Είδη Υγιεινής, Πλακάκια, Έπιπλα


    Χρώματα, Βερνίκια, Μονωτικά